At home everybody calls me mercy. I live in a family of five children. I am a loving, caring and also like  entertaining. I am a christian. For me i am the best artist in our school, i can draw just how somebody looks like. However, I am the best in throwing discus and shot put. The  thing that brought me to butterfly is my expectation to have a scholarship to come from Canada, my favourite country  I like my attribute is that I had A in mathematics which is believed to be the hardest subject. I am gifted with ability with drawing and entertaining.



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  1. Hey Mercy,
    It’s quite impressive that you excel in shot put and discus! I remember trying these sports when I was younger and finding them quite difficult. You definitely need a strong arm. I look forward to reading some of your posts this year!!
    -Madison Ciulla

  2. Hi Mercy!

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I find it really impressive that you have in A in math as I also believe that is a very difficult subject. You also talked about your love for art and drawing. This is very fascinating for me as I, personally, am not artistic at all, so I am very jealous. 😉 Maybe one day you can make a post about some of your drawings and why you drew them.

    I can’t wait for your next post!

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