Julian Naanyu Lendanan

My  name is julian. I am 18  years old. I  school at  St. Francis  girls high school.I am in grade eleven.My best subjet are History, Business and Biology.I live in Endana.

According to our Maasai culture we live together helping one another,and taking care of our siblings.The most interesting thing in our culture is that   they  like keeping many herds of cattle and moving from one place to another.

During my free time i like playing  netball  and busket ball.I wish and hoping that this butterf

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  1. Hey Julian!

    Nice to meet you! I really enjoyed reading your ‘About Me’ post – especially the part where you talked about the Maasai culture. In fact, if it interests you, maybe you can do an inquiry project based on your culture. Personally, I don’t know much about Maasai and I’m sure many other Canadian students might not know as well. Just a suggestion!

    I look forward to reading your upcoming posts! 🙂

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