Charity kaumi

My name is charity kaumi.i am 16 yrs old .i live in laikipia, kenya.i school at st augustine sirima secondary favourite subjects are chemistry, physics and mathematics

According to the ameru  culture which i comes from, the circumcision is done at night accompanied by a lot of horn blowing and shaving of the initiates

My passion is learning physics because many people say it is hard but to me i prefer it as the easiest and it is open to many fields of engineering.

During my free time i like chatting with friends and reading novels.

If i could have a job now i could be a chemical engineer so that i can invent a cure for the world

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  1. Hi Charity!, my name is Maria. I am really interested in knowing more about you and your culture. While reading your post, many questions came to my mind, like:
    What is Kenya like?
    What does circumcision symbolizes?
    and what is the garment you are wearing in the picture?
    I hope you have a nice,

  2. Hi Charity! I love your About Me, it’s so cool how you like Math, Chemistry and Physics! That’s a lot of math. I wonder if our Novels in Canada are different than yours in Laikipia, Kenya? I bet they’re super interesting and was just wondering what you like to read? Mine would definitely have to be adventure and comedy.
    I look forward to reading your next post, have a great day!

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