About Me – Bogdan Badea

Hello! My name is Bogdan Badea, and I go to Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. I’m in grade 12 and my favorite subject’s are Maths and Sciences. I like them mostly because they follow the most amount of sense, like in the way that you have proofs in math they either work or they don’t, it’s not up to subjectivity.

My passion is technology. The complete opposite of surprising, I love to work with computers and other machines. One of my most prized possessions is my drone that I have at home that somehow manages to film better than my dad’s camera.


I also have two R/C boats which are fun to pilot around, in fact, a while back I wanted to try piloting around at night so I attached a bunch of small lights to it to light up the water around it and to let anyone else in a boat be able to see it, and that turned out to be quite enjoyable. My major interest though to do with technology is computer programming, in fact I intend on doing an IDS on computer programming this year. In grade 10 to finish the year off I built the game of pong and added an AI to fight that had three levels of difficulty, and last year I built an app that was just supposed to be a functionality thing where I can add different things that I would find helpful, this year I’m unsure what I’ll do but I think I’ll add a few new things to my app before doing anything else. Something more surprising about me though is that I love skiing. Hands down it is my favorite sport, I have done soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, and none of them were nearly as fun as skiing down a hill gliding over moguls. There is nothing that beats that rush of switching direction over a mogul or hopping off a mogul and changing direction on your landing. A thing that’s more interesting though is that I absolutely hated poles before a year or two ago. I’ve been skiing for five or six years now and I had tried poles once when I was still a beginner and it just didn’t go well for me so I never tried using them again. In fact I got poles a year or two after my first time doing a double black, and I have to admit that poles do help when going over very large moguls.

What I do to relax usually is to take a moment, up to maybe a half-hour, and just drop whatever it is I’m doing, sit down and think. I’ll just sit down and think things out as rationally as I can and try to plan everything out, I’ll usually envision everything as it’s own little box and place it where I think it would go best, and then plan out how to resolve different issues with basic outlines of ways to approach them. One case of this may be a week where I know I have multiple tests and assignments due, so what I’ll do is say that these hours of this day are for studying for this class, and then there’s a 15 minute break and then we work on this assignment, and even if I don’t follow through with these plans and do something else, it’s much more relaxing knowing that you have some sort of plan even if you improvise it. If I have less time, or it’s something in the moment what I’ll usually do to keep calm is take some deep breaths and maybe close my eyes, and that usually ends up working relatively well for calming me down.

At the moment I’m most interested in the Inquiry branch of Butterfly Effect as researching and learning about a topic that I’m interested in is quite fun to say the least, as well as the fact that it helps me to learn about things that I think are useful, such as sleep which I did an inquiry about last year. Did you know too much sleep can be just as bad or worse than too little sleep? Or that a child’s internal sleep clock goes back an hour after puberty, so if they used to go to sleep at 10 Pm their body would now want to go to bed around 11 Pm? Thanks for reading! If you have any ideas for cool things I could do for my IDS, send me a message, or even just cool technology inquiry ideas!

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