Sunnie Kim

Hello! My name is Sunnie Kim. I am 14 years old and a grade 9 student at Charles Best. I have been in French immersion since I was 5 years old and I also speak Korean at home with my family. My favourite subject is English and my least favourite is French.

I joined the butterfly effect I always wanted to learn more about the people, lifestyle and culture of Kenya. I always love learning about different cultures and learning something new about someone or a country. I also like spreading my own knowledge and my Korean background to other people around the world.

Some facts about Korean culture is that everyone has to be very polite, especially to your elders. Koreans always use honorifics to address someone in a higher position or older than you. They also add more words at the end or start of a sentence to make it more polite. It is considered very rude if you do not do this to an elder or someone you just met.

Thank you for reading this short introduction about me and I hope I can connect with many people using this website! ^’^

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  1. Hi Sunnie! It’s so cool how you’re able to speak Korean, French and English! I only know English and a little bit of French and Spanish. I would love to know more about your Korean background, I think world history is very interesting, especially with the formalities I didn’t know you had to add more words to a sentence as a sign of respect.
    I hope we talk again through Butterfly and I can’t wait to see a response from you. Hope you have an awesome day!

    • HI! Thank you responding to my post. I am very proud of my background and I was going to do my inquiry project about different cultures around the world. Thank you again for leaving a comment. I also hope we can communicate through this website.

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