About Me – Jessica Scott

Hi there! My name is Jessica Scott, and I am in grade 12. I go to Dr Charles Best Secondary school, and I have been in Butterfly Effect since grade 9 and French Immersion since preschool.  

I am extremely passionate about science and animals, my goal being to study veterinary medicine after high school. My dad teaches physics and my mom is a veterinary technician, so it’s only fitting that I’m interested in a career in science as well. Because I am so motivated in academics in school, it might surprise some to learn that I also love music and sports; I am currently in grade 9 piano, I play Division 1 soccer, I have my brown belt in a Japanese martial arts called Shorinji Kempo, and I also used to play the violin for many years.  

In my free time, when I want to relax, I either listen to music, play the piano or read a book. My favourite book series is Harry Potter, and just for fun, I even memorized the first couple of pages of the first book when I was in grade 8. I find these activities very soothing because I become so invested in the story or the music, which takes my mind away from any stress or issues I might be facing at the time.  

To me, the word “community” means much more than just a group of people that live in the same area. In my opinion, a true community of people is a group of individuals who work together to achieve common goals they share. If people work together and help each other out, rather than only focusing on themselves, I believe that much greater things can be accomplished, and as cheesy as it sounds, everyone will be happier.  

For this year, I am interested in continuing with the inquiry research, as I am always eager to discover new things. 

Thanks for reading!

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