About Me: Elisabet Metesan

Hey, I’m Elisabet. I’m 14 years old in grade 9 and I go to École Charles Best Secondary School. My favourite subjects are Drama and Science. I’m currently in French Immersion and thanks to that I’m trilingual. I speak English, French and Romanian. I’m very passionate about the environment, traveling and social equality.

I joined butterfly effect because I love the idea of helping people through a class. I hope that through butterfly effect, I can learn to help people as best as I can. I also find it to be such a great opportunity that many other schools don’t have so I just had to take it.

My family consists of my mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin and cat. I don’t have any siblings but I feel like I do because of my cousin. My cousin’s name is Filip and he’s only 4 and a half but I constantly have to baby-sit him and we have a weird sibling rivalry. My family moved to Canada when I was  3 years old from Romania but we don’t have the common strict rules that many Romanian families have because I’m quite good at negotiating. I originally lived with my mom, aunt and grandma but the males in my family slowly came along. My cat’s name is Johnny and he is cute but always wants more food and takes up half the bed when I’m sleeping.

I’m really into travelling and seeing the world in a different way. My long-term plan is not to have a job but instead, backpack all around the world. I want to go to university right after high school, take a gap year to work and then go on the coolest trip ever. Surprisingly, my family is supportive of this as long as I go to university. I want to travel all over the world because I feel like it’ll change my perspective on things, make me a better person and will give my life meaning. Not to mention how much fun it would be.


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