Mary Roitel Nabulu

My name is Mary and i am 15 years old.I live in Laikipia County in Kenya. I  attend St. Francis Girls High School. My favourite subjects are Business and Physics.I am a Nilotes. The most interesting thing about my culture is that we believe we came from the sky with our livestock. In our culture we practice traditional dance and also like meat, milk and blood of cows and goats.

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  1. Hi Mary! I really like the culture that people came from the sky with their livestock. In my culture, people believe that our ancestor was a bear. I think it is quite interesting that each culture has their own culture and it will be so awesome if we can talk about our cultures together!

  2. Hello Mary, my name is Maria! (which is Mary in Spanish, so we basically have the same name haha). I find cool that you want to study business, I think business connects people all around the world. I love hearing about folk stories and the idea that humans were created by something or someone. I would really like to know more about stories or rituals practised in your culture.
    Hope we keep in touch,

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