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Hey Butterfly Effecters,

My name is Lauren Jang and this is my fourth and final year within this amazing course. Currently, I am 17 years old and attending Dr. Charles Best Secondary for my grade 12 year.

Butterfly Effect was introduced to myself during my grade 9 Science class with Ms. Martin where she promoted the importance of connecting with other around the world and building a sense of community. After the first meeting, I knew this course was where my interest lies and I haven’t left since. At first, I thought connecting with Kenyans would help their understanding of Canadians and provide opportunities for them to have a successful education; however, throughout the years we have learned about the stereotypes both countries face and have discovered the true form of helpfulness as fulfilling needs, not maintaining them. For this year, I hope this course continues to broaden my knowledge on the importance of a community and help strengthen our research and speaking abilities.

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One thing that might surprise others about myself is that I’m a golfer. Like most children, I learned to swim, skate and dance, but I never clicked with any of those sports until I went golfing with my father at the driving range. At first I was a bit hesitant, however as time went on I was enrolled in a summer camp which lead to taking lessons and playing in tournaments. Now, I have lessons twice a week, play matches in the spring and an avid member of the Charles Best Golf team.

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If I could have any job right now, I would like to be a food critic because it combines my love for food and an opportunity to travel the world. Many food critics have gained high reputations within the food world and have eaten some of the best food around the globe. Who wouldn’t want this amazing job? Sadly, in order to be a critic you must be knowledgeable as a chef to determine if it’s a good dish and as a person who judges food based on personal preference, being a food critic may not be an ideal job for myself.

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To conclude, the prong of Butterfly Effect I am most interested in is inquiry because I found doing research projects have greatly benefited my education as well as connected myself with many Kenyans by bonding over mutual topics we are discovering.

Well that is all about me and I’m looking forward to meeting all the new faces within the course this year!

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