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Hello, Welcome to my about me! My name is Vienna. This is my second year in Butterfly. Currently I’m 17 and I live in Langley B.C. I go to LFAS which is kind of far from our house but it’s totally worth it. I don’t know what my favourite subject would be, it really depends on how the class is going. I hope to be an architect one day because I find it fascinating how old and new structures are built; and I love designing rooms and buildings.

I think my strongest attribute or trait would be a good sense of humour. My passion is being an Equestrian! I had a horse named Vegas we were jumping .90m/1.00m. Sadly we sold her, but she’s got a new home and she loves the kid that has her now. I now ride a horse named Duncan and we jump 1.10m-1.20m. Hobbies would probably include studying, drawing, and homework.


I struggle with a lot of things, life isn’t perfect but I do love it. Some struggles would probably be school, (pre-calculus 12 is pretty hard sometimes, mainly because I lack motivation.) Art is pretty hard, being self-taught isn’t always fun but I love seeing how I’ve progressed. 

To relax I like to lay down in my bed or sit at my desk and draw while I watch youtube or tutorials or sports. If I ever get free time, which I probably do it just never feels like it, would be hanging out with friends/family or riding my horse. One of my heroes would have to be Reed Kessler; she went to the Olympics at only 18 years old. Tiffany Foster and Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are some of my favourites

Question: What kind of structure do you need to build for, for it to be impervious to earthquakes?

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I'm Vienna and I go to LFAS

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