Matthew McDonald

Hello, my name is Matthew and I am in grade 9 at Charles Best. Right now I am 13 years old and my birth day is in October, my favorite subject right now is science. In Canada we eat a lot a maple syrup on our pancakes, or at least I do, and we also use electronics like computers and phones every day. I joined butterfly effect because I wanted to help make a difference and I wanted to be able to experience other peoples cultures and values. If I could solve one global problem it would be education, because with education people can get jobs and get food for them and their family which would help create less poverty and huger. To me, community means a group of people who help each other out and strive to create a better place for everyone in the community to live. Of the three prongs of butterfly effect, I am most interested in “Action” because I would like to get involved and make a difference in my community. In the second semester I might try to do an inquiry project instead so that I can experience a different aspect of this program.

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