Yvonne Wangechi

At school they like calling me Yvonne. That is the name I prefer. I am 13 years old. I turned 13 on July 30. I live in Marura in Laikipia county. I study at Loise Nanyuki girls secondary school. It is located at Nanyuki town. My favourite subject is History.

I  am a Kikuyu. In our tribe children are taught moral values at a tender age. Girls are taught on house chores like cleaning the dishes and cleaning the house. Boys are taught on how to look after the cattle and milking cows. The kikuyu community is headed by  a council of elders who are highly respected for their wisdom. Boys are circumcised at adolescence age. After this boys join the warrior group to where they protect the community from external attacks. Girls at puberty age join their mothers  at tilling the land and weaving baskets.

  • My passion is becoming a nuero surgeon..
  • My gift is dancing and I also do best in athletics. My hero is my mother because she taught me good moral values and I am glad for that. During my free time i like reading storybooks and busking in the sun.
  • The word community to me means coming together, working together and promoting peace and harmony.


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