Rose Nkoisila

am Rose. My nickname is sillah. I am 18 years old.I live in Endana village.I am in Loise Nanyuki Girls’ high school and I like physics and computer studies. I came from a tribe called Samburu tribe. The most interesting thing about my tribe is the mode of dressing. Another thing is the ceremonies they carry. As one grows from childhood to adulthood one has to pass through many traditions for you to be accepted as a responsible member of the society. The worst thing about my tribe is that they do not care about education especially for a girl child. I am talented in music. I really like singing as well as dancing. My community means a lot to me. I really value my community since I need it in order for me to succeed in life.  Since I want to become a doctor when I grow up, my community is always my motivator   since I want to go back there and treat them.



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