Purity Karwitha Muriithi

My name is Purity. I live in Nanyuki, Kenya. I am a 17 year old girl and a student from Gatero girl high school Nyahururu. I like mathematics and biology. I am a girl from the Meru tribe who likes to follow her cultural values. I am working hard to be a doctor and at the same time a teacher. I can preach the gospel, I feel like I am gifted in preaching. When I have free time, I like listening to music and sometimes chatting. When I want to relax, I can just sleep. My hero is Professor Wangari Mathai. I admire her because of her courage to say no to things that she believes to be wrong. I like group work because I support teamwork. I would prefer to be the worst member of the best team because I learn more skills and gain more knowledge from the team and I also share what I have. 

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