Namnyak Rana

I am Ann  Namnyak but at home they like calling me Lucky .I am the third born in a family of six .

My best subject is mathematics and Kiswahili. I am gifted in singing .My school is Gatero Girls High School.

In my culture people wear clothes made of beads during wedding ceremonies. My passion is reading the Bible. I have been sharing stories with friends and many of them usually tell me how Butterfly Effect as a project is enjoyable and also fun ,so  I decided to join as well and I expect it to take me to many places.

My gift is singing .The word community means a group of people who live together and share some cultural values .My place in the community is helping my mother in doing house chores. If I could have any job I   would help the needy children get educated.

I like watching and reading the bible. A best friend is one who is always with you in every life situation .The late Wangari   Maathai is my hero because she contributed in making our environment clean and beautiful.



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