Maria Meshami

I am Maria from Gatero girl’s high school. I live in Nanyuki Kenya. I love chemistry and English. I am in grade 11 and I am 17 years old. I love dancing. One thing that is funny in my culture is that men do not eat in front of woman. I value integrity. I joined butterfly because I love the environment. Having this love of wildlife would not allow me to just sit down and see them going extinct. I understand the need to conserve the environment. I am gifted in playing basketball. According to me a community is a group of people living in the same geographical area and sharing the same beliefs. Global community is the partnership of all communities in the world. A person whom I consider my hero is Hogin’s Household because he has been paying my school fees. I joined butterfly through my Pa-moja scholarship program and I really appreciate.

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  1. Hi Maria! It was so interesting to read that in your culture men don’t eat in front of women, many of the people in my school were so surprised by this. I also really like the environment, global warming is effecting many wild life and I think that it’s really great that you care about this. Would you like to do something in Butterfly Effect about this topic? It would be very interesting to see what you’d come up with. Talk to you later, and have a good day!

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