Hannah Njeri

My name is Hannah. I am 13 years old. I am the fourth born in my family. I live in Laikipia county. I study at Gatero Girls High School. My favorite subject is English and C.R.E. I am part of the Eastern Bantu(Kikuyu) tribe. The Bantus originated from Congo forest. They then came and settled in Kenya. Our culture is the largest language group in Kenya. There are many language groups in Kenya. Our culture believes that Kikuyus came from two parents and they got nine daughters, who married nine sons and that is where the nine tribes of Bantus came from.

I am a musician. My passion is becoming a doctor. The reason why I am in the butterfly effect is because I am a scholarship student. I would like to help other people in my community as I am also helped and to give back to society. My gift is singing and dancing.

During my free time, I like singing, dancing and reading story books or novels.

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  1. Hi hannah,
    First of all, i am amazed of your skills. I mean singing and dancing is amazing. I also enjoy dancing. I believe that singing and dancing is a god’s blessing. Your culture is very interesting. I wouldn’t have known about kenya if I hadn’t read about you. I wish you all the best for your journey of becoming a doctor and i hope we stay in touch as you complete your journey. 😃😃 also what kind of instruments do you play?

  2. Hi Hannah! It was so wonderful talking to you on Thursday 🙂 I’m glad that you like English, as it is useful to know since it is one of the most spoken languages on the planet. But I’m wondering what is C.R.E.? Is it a language course or some other academic course? Please let me know! It’s also wonderful to know that you’re a musician, as I am as well (I play the piano haha). Why would you like to become a doctor? Would you be interested in looking into the medical field through butterfly effect? I am looking forward to what you post more on this site, see you around!

    • C.R.E is a subject that we learn based on the Bible and it means Cristian Religious Education. We learn about God and things that happened
      in the Bible. It is among the subjects we learn at school. I would love to become a doctor so as to help the less fortunate in the society
      and make it better everyday. I want to give back to the society and make a better world

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