Agnes Njoki.

I am Agnes and I am 21 years old doing studies at Sweetwaters secondary in grade 12. My favorite subjects are physics, math and geography. Apart from the school curriculum, I have a passion for football which I practice during my leisure time. For the past year I have been in the Pa-moja scholarship program that gave me a chance to join butterfly. I am hoping that through it, I will be successful later in life. I am usually kind to people who care and love other people’s welfare so that the whole community can be successful.
Global community is the development organization committed to working in partnership with communities to bring about sustainable changes. After grade 12, I would like to do a course on civil engineering so as to help in construction of roads and buildings in some remote areas in some parts of the country.
In my free time, I listen to music as I do my chores at home and help my mum with work at home.

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