what are the causes and effects of earthquakes?

hey everyone! this is what i researched; an earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the earth ,resulting from the sudden release of energy in the earths lithosphere that creates air waves.earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground breaks along a fault.tectonic  this particular happens when the continental plate collides against the ocean plate.tectonic occured lastly in assam in 1950.sometimes the earthquakes causes formation of hot springs which are useful to peoples.

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Hello Wallace

Great work your researching.Earth quakes has been tragedy in our continents,Its also sad that it has also caused death in different areas.In think it will be good researching on effects of earthquakes,and also ways to overcome this tragedy.Also try to look at primary and secondary effects of earthquakes.Here is a link to help in your research:


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Hi Wallace,

This is a really neat topic! I like how you discussed the science behind them. As Jackline mentioned in her comment above, earthquakes can be a devastating occurrence for people around the world. I think it would be interesting to look into some of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history along with the effect on the civilization around that earthquake. 

Here is a link that may help;


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Good work! Most people have heard of an earthquake, some even survived some; however, most do not know how they happen. It is great that you are researching how earthquakes are caused. With the moving of the plate, i know that there are different way that plates can move, they can go away from each other (diverging plates), go into each other (converging plates) or rub against one another (tansverse plates). good luck with the next rounds, i will be looking forward to them!

Here are some links that could help:




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This is a very important topic, as it impacts the lives of so many people. So im glad your covering it! Maybe you could look at a specific earthquake as an example to help you narrow down your topic. Heres some links that may be of use to you!:



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Hey Wallace,

I love this topic you are looking at because earthquakes are such a huge problem that can cause mass destruction to the land if really big! Great work so far, here are some more sites that could help you with future research:




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