Types of agriculture practiced in different parts of the world


Hey everyone, today am going to take you through some of  the types of farming practiced in some parts of the world.They include: pastoralism,shifting cultivation,subsistence farming and intensive farming.

Pastoralism involves keeping  domesticated animals. In nomadic pastoralism, livestock are moved from place to place in search of pasture and water. This type of farming is practiced in arid and semi-arid regions of Sahara, Central Asia and some parts of Africa.

In shifting cultivation, a small area a land is cleared by cutting down all the trees . The land is then used for growing crops. When the soil looses it's fertility the area is then abandoned. Another patch of land is selected by the farmer and the process is repeated. This type of farming is practiced mainly in areas with abundant rainfall and abundant land. This practice is used in Northeast India, Southeast Asia, and the Amazon Basin.

Subsistence farming is a form of farming which nearly all of  the crops produced are used to satisfy family or local needs alone, with little left over for transport elsewhere. It is intensively practiced in Monsoon Asia and most of the parts of Africa like Kenya.

In intensive farming, the crops are cultivated for commercial purpose . The main motive of the farmer is to make profit and a high use of inputs like capital and labor. This type of farming is mainly practiced in highly developed countries and countries where there is less practice of agriculture.

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