The impact of technology on us today.

Hey guys, so it’s been a few weeks since i posted , i have  been researching on impact of technology on us today. so today i will look at the impact of technology has on us today or how has technology changed our lives today ,because we use technology to communicate ,to travel to learn to do businesses that make as live  in comfort.We have the positive impact of technology and negative impact of technology,first I will look at the positive impacts ;


How has technology changed education

Technology has changed the way of education and learning method,in the past we are not able to get data or information so quickly and also when the school were away we had to travel every day to school but today because of technology we have online schools.

How has technology changed the way of communication

When we look at the history of communication in the past people used smoke signals as form of communication because of some disadvantages and through invention of technology today we have internet, mobile, and media to communicate with anyone around the world  which was not possible in past.


How has technology changed our health

Technology has increased pace on our life today because we have more than health care through our technologies than in the past where they used some tradition for  cures that  could fail and lead to many death.


How has technology changed transport

In transport technology has played a great role in globalisation like in the past they used steam engine because of m invention in different technology transportation have been affected to roads,air and sea travel.


The negative impact ;

Increased pollution

We can see these through the technology advancement  which have resulted to some factories and the manufacturing  which lead to some harmful chemicals and gases which pollute  our environment and can also result to climate changes.


Increased population

Through the improvement of health facilities and research on health problems which affect them ,and this has helped in developing countries  in term of population ,where people produce at very high rate.


Resource depletion

This is when there is more demand for new technologies which result to dangerous chemical and is  harmful  to soil and human lives.


Next time i will probe on the challenges and benefit of technology evolution.

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Hi Nasib I like the way you briefly outlined the impacts of technology. sure technology has changed education in miles.   For instance even in Butterfly we have learnt a lot of stuff which we didnt know.

Apart from the positive side it also has negative things.  For instance it makes a person lazy and overdependent, If you look at the teenegers of this days they almoast do nothing because of their phones or laptops(if they have) thus making students dropping in their studies. What if you researched on how improvement of technology is affecting teens?? Here is a website which can help you find cool information.

looking up to your next post.

Hi Nasib, you are doing a research on one of  major concerns today i am impressed with how you outline and explain your points.i think every  person requires some knowledge on technology because the whole world is changing and soon everything will be dealt with using technology .what is you opinion on the impact of technology towards  job opportunities

Hello Nasib,,

am very much interested with your topic which you are researching about the in the world we are living there disadvantages and disadvantages of are also supposed to tell us what are the disadvantage and the advantage of technology in the life that we are living are supposed to educate us on those areas.

am now looking forward for your next research.

good luck.

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