The impact of solar radiation on human body.

Hello everyone today I will be discussing on the impact of solar radiation on human body.

Exposure to solar radiation can have positive effects on the human body,but it can also cause damages and melanoma is the most significant among those.Severe essential procedures such as vitamin D synthesis are triggered by solar radiation.Also sun exposure can have beneficial effects on several diseases.both UVA and UVB are important for human health.Low levels of solar radiation are crucial for the synthesis of vitamin D while exposure may lead to acute and chronic damage  to he skin,the eye or the immune system.

Ozone layer depletion has led  to radiation-induced damage to humans.It has been estimated that a further 10% depletion of the ozone layer in the following years could cause 300,000 new skin cancers cases.Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus which plays a big role in borne development.The UVB part of sunlight is what creates vitamin D in your skin.However seasons,time of the day,cloud cover smog,skin pigmentation and sunscreen use are all factors that affect the amount of solar radiation you receive.

Solar radiation have been successfully to treat a number of diseases,including rickets,psoriases and vitiligo,however everyone is at the risk for ultraviolet damage,but some people are more easily affected than others.There are some factors which increase ones risks.People need to be extra careful of ultraviolet exposures if one have;                                                                                                           1.A fair complexion(skin colour)                                                                                       2.blond,red or light brown hair.                                                                                       3.Been treated with radiotherapy.                                                                              Here are some links;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks for reading.

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Anyway dorcas I liked your topic about impact on solar solar radiation.It is more educative and formative, many of us would like to know how it have impart on our body.I have learnt that ozone layer depletion has led to radiation-induced damage to humans.Research more no disadvantages.

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