Technique of how social media aids in the society and worldwide.

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it feels good to be back after a long time of silence but despite that i was able to come up with other benefits that social media is offering us.

Social media is well known world wide and it acts as an useful and open site where everyone can access it.More so it helps out with ways or ideas that might help an individual stuck in a certain situation.

Its also a site where  business can be run and of which various people can get to meet and interact so as to get to know each other more better and get to know their ways of living.

Here are some of the other useful ways of how social media is of help;-
     1.sharing hope and courage
Social media is used to spread hope and courage by having to post a video clip or any other way someone is able to come up with.For example a 13 year old Talia joy came up with a video of how she's coping with cancer which really attracted over 40 Million  viewers who got to watch the video on Youtube.
Through her she was able to touch and give hope to people who seemed to be like her.  

     2.Helps one to be positive
Through social media it is able to give inspirational and motivating quotes that may help one to become positive in whatever area that acts as a bother to them.
     3.Offering charity to those in need

Social media acts as a charitable donation where by its possible for any organisation or group of people to ask for help so as to render it to the needy who desperately need help or also in children's orphanage.
     4.In reuniting loved ones 
Its seen that there has been a lot of cases where people get lost from there loved ones and once again get back through them all thanks to the google team who launched 'people finder' where one can look for their loved ones.

   5.Offering charity to those they are in need.

Social media has acted as  a charitable donation whereby its possible for any organisation or group of people to ask for help,so as to sender it to the needy and the poor who disparately need help.

6.Responding to and coping  with tragedy. 

Social media acts a first site where people get quick information for example in case of an explosion  disease outbreak or fire attack that might to be happening.Also its able to give the people on guideline,on how to respond to a certain incidence which might be able to save lives or situation instead of doing nothing.  

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Hey Rosemary!

I like your topic about social media,since everyone in this generation of ours are engaged in some of social medias like facebook and more.But am glad from your post i have learned that social media  can be of help.I hope i will learn more from your research.
Nice time and I'll be looking forward for your next post

Hey Dahabo
yeah social media is of help because in the first place it has its own negative and positive side of it.One of the positive thing is that it helps in developing countries and also for farmers to advertise their agricultural products.The negative one is that it causes one to have social media depression and also a person becomes lazy and not paying attention  to the duties he or she is supposed to be doing.For more and clear information you could take a look at my post and hoping it will be of help to you.

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