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Today, I will be posting my fourth round of research for this cycle. This past week, I have been focusing on the negative side to GMOs. I have discovered that this is an extremely controversial topic in many aspects and I am hoping that bringing in the "ethical" point of view will help me make a clear conclusion from the most objective perspective possible. Before I start, here's a reminder of my question: 

What role do ethics play in the production of GMOs?

Here are some of the strongest arguments adhering to the principle that GMOs are an overall disadvantage to society.

1. Potential health risks

Numerous associations support GMO production. GM crops are FDA approved (the FDA states that GM crops meet the same health requirements as any other foods) and their production is deemed safe by the following: World Health Organization, American Medical Association and U.S National Academy of Science. (1) However, according to the American Academy of National Medicine, animal testing has revealed evidence of possible health hazards, including: immune dysregulation, altered liver function, and changes in the pancreas and spleen. (2) Also, it has been proven that in GM dairy products, there is an increase in a hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which can survive digestion and enter the blood stream. This hormone is currently under investigation as it has been related to prostate and breast cancer. (3)(4) This specific hormone may not be directly related to GMOs, but it is found in them and presents definite risks. 

2. Threats to ecosystems

There are multiple downsides to GMOs regarding threats to ecosystems. Firstly, there are many insects that are helpful insuring biodiversity within ecosystems but are impacted by the chemicals in GMOs. (5)(6) GM crops are also proven mediators to the transfer of genes to wild plants, creating herbicide-resistant weeds. To regulate this, scientists create herbicides for the weeds that are toxic to animals such as cows. These have deadly consequences on many organisms and impact the ecosystem. (6)


That's all for this post! I hope I presented deeper insights into the disadvantages to the debate concerning GMOs. Next week, I'll be tying in the "ethical" aspect and hopefully starting to conclude my research. Referring to my first post, I'll be using "ethical problem solving" to help shed more light on the issue.

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Hey Maiya! 

This looks really cool! I have been interested in GMO technology for a while now, (I even did my True vs False post about it, if you feel like checking that out) but I never really considered how GMOs can impact biodiversity in a specific environment. It's very interesting stuff! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

Here are some links which may help you with your research: 




Good luck!  

Hi Maiya!

This subject really caught my attention. I studied about this last year at another school but I didn't go too deep into research, I would love to know more and follow your research! Unfortunately for the guy I am I'm not good with big words ) so maybe explain things such as a "spleen" to the audience more. It might be just me though and I know its a pain. 

But above all I really loved your research, keep up the good work!!

Hey Maiya, 

Great post! I agree that the production of GMOs can be truly controversial and it is difficult to decide whether it is ethical or unethical. In my opinion, the health and environmental risks outweigh many of the positive aspects of these modified organisms, like the nutrients added and the growing of more products that you mentioned in your previous round. However, in some places, these risks are trumped because they may be overpopulated and need more of the product so it is necessary to contain GMOs. Anyway, keep yup the great work!

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