RR3: Are we currently entering a new epoch? (And we don't even know it??)

Now, clear evidence shows we in fact are now in the Anthropocene epoch, the WGA did decide/suggest this, and the ICS is extremely diligent about making it official because "Anthropocene is provocative (even more than climate change) (!!) because it implies that our current way of life, especially in wealthy parts of the world, is utterly unsustainable. Large companies who make profits from environmental despoliation—oil multinationals, chemical companies, car makers, THE ANIMAL AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY and countless others—have much to lose if the concept becomes linked with political agendas devoted to things like degrowth and decarbonization. When one considers the organized attacks on climate science in the United States and elsewhere, it seems likely that Anthropocene science will be challenged on ostensibly scientific grounds by non-scientists who dislike its implications." (1) 

Regardless, sooner or later changes need to be made because, well, this is reality. We, starting now, need to transform the economy and adopt a global goal to eliminate greenhouse gases completely by mid-­century. Immediate decarbonization. A zero-­carbon society by 2050, omitting less than or equal to 10 billion tommies of CO2 a year, using 100% clean and renewable energy, participating in reforestation and restoration, building energy efficient buildings, supporting ocean and forest conservation, and waste reduction will help us to stay under 2 degrees and is key to future prosperity and a healthy happy planet! (2,3)

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Hi Angelica,

I am quite surprised as I had no idea that we could be moving into another epoch. This made me wonder, does anyone ever know that they are moving into another epoch in their lifetimes? This is quite an interesting subject to debate upon, as most people live believing that they only exist in one era but people live through changes in era. This is an interesting contemplation that really needs to be thought of critically in order to assess whether we ourselves could be transitioning between eras.

I agree that there are definitely changes that need to be made to our global society so that we can all live sustainable lifestyles. It is saddening that most of the global powerhouses seem to be against this pro-environmental structure as it results in them losing profit. Sooner or later though, changes must be made if people want to survive on Earth.

Your research was overall very interesting and inspired me to think about our lives more critically. Good luck with your research!

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