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Hello everyone! Today I will be looking at the tropes of archetype characters. There are many that occur throughout dozens of stories. I will list a few, give a definition for them and inform you of some characters that fall into that category.

1.The Femme Fatale

The Femme Fatale is as she sounds, a dangerous woman. She's seductive, mysterious, and draws people to her like moths to a flame, yet she knows exactly what she's doing even if she plays innocent. Femme Fatales are often related to magic since their roots delve into the practice of how they entrance men. Said practice is not just their beauty and knowledge of how to use it, but spells, witchcraft, and non-human linage.

some notable femme fatales in media are...

Jessica Rabbit, from Who Censored Roger Rabbit


Catwoman, from The DCU/Batman franchise 


 Amélie Lacroix aka Widowmaker, from the Overwatch franchise 


2. The Side-Kick

A supporter for the protagonists' good and bad ideas, the side-kick is a staple for a character we can all relate to when our friends do something that makes us shake our head, yet we end up going with it anyways. Side-kicks have been around a long time and are most prevalent in the superhero genre of stories. the protagonists grows from the ability to show leadership capabilities towards the side-kick and the side-kick often has arches and moments where the roles are reversed and they end up being words of wisdom or moral compasses to the protagonist.

Some famous side-kicks are: 

Robin, the boy-wonder,from the DCU/Batman franchise


Pinky, from Pinky and The Brain


Mushu, from Mulan


and John H. Watson, from the Sherlock Holmes series.


The Damsel (or lad) in distress.

These are characters that are constantly in need of rescue, they act as plot devices in which to add drama and get a character from point A to point B with shenanigans to block the way. The "damsel in distress" character will almost always be made extremely like-able, as to ensure that people will have this sense to relate to our protagonists feelings of wanting to save them.


Some famous damsels in distress are:



 Princess Peach, from the Mario Bro's franchise


Zelda, from the Link franchise


Betty Boop, from talkartoon/Betty Boop series

There are many, many archetypes out there and to try and put them all into one post would take more time than any of us have. Characters that we have a streak of falling in love with are the way they are because they follow a formula we enjoy. Whether it be the suave, smooth-talking character or the nerdy, quick-witted character there is a reason we love them and it's because they speak to us, they work with us and well a part of us feels as if they are us.


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