Research round #3(Cycle 4)- Resiliency

Hey everyone, this will be my final round of research for this year.  Since this is my last round of research for this topic, and I won't be continuing on with this topic after, I've decided for this research round to analyse myths I found about resilience.

Resilience is built in only one way.

Resilience can be built in many different ways. People who may not be exactly the same can be just as resilient as each other. Here are some ways to grow resilience: Flexible and accurate thinking, self-efficacy , having a connection to meaning, positive emotions, being connected to other people, and self-care.

Resilient people stay independent 

Resilient people actually tend to have strong relationships and have more encouragement and understanding for others. They have better cognitive function and are more creative. 

The focus of resilience is managing negative emotions.

Every human has a gut inside of them to notice, seek out, and remember bad events and negative information. Even resilient people. Resiliency isn't just about controlling emotions; it's about balancing positive and negative emotions. Resilient people use positive emotion to rebound from, and find positive meaning in stressful events and challenges.

Resilient people power through stress and illness.

Whether someone is resilient or not, they still are human. Resilient people may be more positive about the illness but that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to recover faster. 

You either have resilience or you don’t

Getting resilience is like learning how to ride a bike. It's not impossible for you to do, it just takes time and patience. Learning how to do anything is like that. You just have to try. 






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Hey Rhea! 

Great post! Have you ever thought about looking into how people in this generation are becoming, in some ways, less resilient due to minimal interaction with each other? Because of social media, people are becoming much more sensitive, but desensitized at the same time. It's a real problem, and I think it'd be a cool thing for you to talk about! (Maybe next year though, since this was your last post)

Good luck!

Hi Rhea,

This was a very interesting post. I like how you decided to use your final post to bust a lot of the myths about this often misunderstood concept. I have often heard that resilient people often isolate themselves from others, but you have shown that this is usually not true.

If you are interested, perhaps something you could look into is how the average idea of resiliency is changing in our society. For example, if you have a new generation of mostly resilient people, then the older generations seem like they have low resiliency and change the average perspective on the concept. On the other hand, if there is a new generation of people with low resiliency, then the average shifts the other way.

Great research this year and have a great summer!

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