Research round #1(Cycle 4)- Resiliency

Hey everyone! My question is "Why are some people more resilient than others?" This round of research, I''ll look at why are some people just naturally more resilient. 

 People who are more resilient are capable of adapting to misfortune.. Resilient people can manage the difficulty of going through trauma. Obviously no one is going to be okay if something traumatic happens but just being upset and not trying to help yourself isn't the solution. (1,4)

These are different levels of emotional resilience:

  • Emotional consciousness: Resilient people are conscious of their emotions. They understand what they feel and why they feel it. They also understand other people’s feeling better.
  • Perseverance: Resilient people trust the process and don’t give up.They wouldn't stop if they aren't feeling better. That will just encourage them to keep trying.
  • Inner control: They trust in the control they have over their own lives, instead of believing that you can't control what happens next.  This trait is associated with less stress, because people with an inner control and a realistic view of the world can be better at dealing with their stress levels. Instead of looking for problems in things, they always look for a solution instead. 
  • Perspective: Resilient people are capable of recognizing their mistakes and learning from them. They see obstacles as challenges and you use their mistakes and misfortune to make them stronger. 
  • Support: Resilient people tend to be strong people , who how to give  social support and can  surround themselves with understanding people. 


Resilient people also have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.  A growth mindset is when you know you can improve more, and your abilities could be developed.  A fixed mindset is when you think that your either good at something or your not, and if your not, there's no way you could improve. (3,5)

How resilient people use their traits in life circumstances:

1. Always maintaining a positive attitude. Thinking negatively makes your brain more stressed so thinking positive even in hard situations help you recover.

2. Understanding that setbacks are a part of life. If something traumatic happens, resilient people think about how not all is lost and how your still living. 

3. Flexibility is key. Resilient people understand that adjusting to new circumstances is just a part of life and you can't do anything to prevent it, so it's best to just accept it.

4. They don't neglect physical health.They understand that even if your stressed, you must still get enough sleep, eat enough and to get active.








Next week, I plan on looking to see if genes are a factor in resiliency. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Hi Rhea, 

I thought your research was very good and the template you used to write your research round was very clear and easy to read. I love your topic because it's original. I feel as if your topic allows me and other members of the butterfly effect to really comprehend the importance of mind control and how genetics can be linked with resilience. Great work so far!

Good luck


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