Project Plan-How are languages learned

Inquiry question 

How are languages learned? 



For this project, we will be looking at effective ways to learn languages, based on a variety of factors and learning styles. 

Things we're thinking of covering: 

Effective ways to learn based on 


-native language 

-learning style ´╝łkinesthetic, auditory, visual, etc) 

-languages one has learned before 

-exposure to language 

-interest in language 

-difficulties of learning English/Japanese  

-physical effects 

For this topic we will be writing some parts separately by using our perspectives as second language learners. If you have any questions or suggestion please let us know. That would be really helpful for us. 


Thank you for reading. 


Haleigh Strickler, Tainoshin Araya 



Here are some ideas we are planning to look for so far.

Original Post

Hi Tai, 

What a great idea for an inquiry! I am super interested in learning new languages but I actually found it noticeably harder in my high school years to learn Spanish than in my middle school years to learn French. Also, there is probably research backing up why it is easier to learn a language at birth than if you're an adult, so maybe you can explain this and compare the reasons. Maybe there are certain languages that are easier to learn and to pick up than others, so this would also be interesting to learn. For example, if I already know French and Spanish, it would probably be easier for me than for someone who just speaks English to learn Italian. Hope this is helpful!

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