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For my inquiry plan I will be doing three rounds of research. In my first round I will be getting some stories of experiences from others that they have had as well as getting some background knowledge about my topic and asking why time flies when we’re having fun or why the time seems to slow to a stop when we are bored or unhappy doing an activity. In my second round I will look more in depth on people and how their perception of time has or hasn’t changed throughout the years of their lives and to do this I will probably be looking at experiments from other scientists that have already conducted something close to my topic. and finally in my last round of research I will be answering any last questions that I believe are relevant to my topic and main question (does our perception of time change as we do, over the years) and try to close all of my open ended questions I still haven’t been able to answer. Collecting all of this knowledge I will be using mostly online sources and maybe a few books or people that study this topic for a living. Below are a few repredable sources that I have looked over on the internet and I think I will find useful for this study…


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Hey Sarah, 

Great project plan! It's very organized and I like how you went into great detail to map out each one of your research rounds. If you have time, something interesting to look into could be throughout someone's life when was time passed the fastest? Was it when they were a child or was it their early 20's? This could help your project because it allows you to have different perspectives on time flying. Here's a link to help.

Good Luck on your first round of research! 

Hi I really like this idea because I never would've thought of something like this although its extremely relevant because I do notice that time seems to "fly" at times when I need more of it but then it slows down while I am bored. You could also take a look at memory retainment from a young age and compare it to memory's we make later on and how timelines seem to change if thats interesting to you! 

Good luck !

Hi Sarah,

This is an incredible topic and there are so many things you can do with it. I agree with Lauren, you should compare people's lives and ages and see where in their life time passed by the fastest. For example, my childhood seems to have gone by so fast, while my teen years seem to be slowing down. Could this be because of the amount of fun I had when I was little and always kept myself occupied as opposed to now, going to school, counting the seconds on the clock? Exploring this idea could lead to many new subtopics in your research! Hope this helps!


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