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To end off this cycle of research I’ll be sharing with you guys my overall learning and all the challenges I overcame. To start off this has been one of my favorite research rounds, where I learned the most applicable knowledge. Although sadly I did not actually get to end off my research since I switched to posting every second week. However, I still got the chance to fully explore the geographical, and political challenges that cause poverty as well as how this affects the country s ability to develop and bring itself out of the self-induced cycle of poverty.

So how has my research impacted my thinking? Well for starters I realized all the little parallels between the features of many countries that suffered from poverty, and how it correlated to how that country’s development has been affected. For example, why poor countries tend to be situation in the tropical regions, in which the climate is moist and warm all year round. Researching this has made me realize that there are so many components that come into play in determining the success and growth of a country, that the common stereotypes we hold just don’t do it justice. The fact of the matter is, it’s never just an epidemic, or a event that happened in the past, or an unfair leader. A country’s growth can be determined from the very start, and a country is only as healthy as its people. Common diseases and agricultural challenges only found in hot climates will impede a country’s ability to grow and develop as well as the health of its population to improve. That being said, if a population is affected by disease, and poverty, the country will only fall into an inescapable poverty trap. Since I did not get to actually explain the phenomenon of a poverty trap in my research, I will do so now. All of the factors I already went over contribute to this mechanism, which causes the cycle of poverty to persist, and never cease, this is due to a population’s lack of capital or wealth. A country needs a significant amount to relieve itself from poverty, however since individuals lack this capital, they also find it difficult to acquire it, which causes a cycle of poverty. Knowing this, it’s true to me now that poor workers or lazy people, or just a corrupt government cannot define country in poverty, when a country falls into a poverty trap, foreign aid can only provide a fraction of what they need to develop. This is all why a poor country will remain poor.

I believe with this mentality, it has made me realize how small changes can make a huge difference. For example an article in the guardian mentions how an inexpensive surgery to remove cataracts of the world’s poorest people can instantly make a huge difference in their lives. If you improve the lives of a country’s important workers, that could make all the difference. As for it will also impact other decisions, it’s difficult to say but as for now I will continue to expand my knowledge on these mechanisms as well as continue to APPRECIATE what I have and all the things that I own. I will be grateful I’ve gotten such an opportunity to share my research and my thinking with this community. The decisions I make will hopefully aim to educate my community about these matters, that even though you believe you have o control over them. Awareness is always the first step to making change, if people realize what it is like to live off 2 dollars a day, or bribe your way through life to get simple necessities.

Although I enjoyed embarking on this research cycle, like always I did come across some obstacles. Many of the challenges I faced revolved around trying to work with published research. Formal research may contain a lot of reliable, useful information and I wished I had more time to fully look through it , but it was simply too lengthly and complicated for me to navigate and try to work through. That being said I had to rely on websites I found online that were not as credible but had enough other websites proving/mentioning the same point, there fore I could at least trust it. I also wanted to look into many of the famous books I came across being mentioned multiple times that discussed poverty and wealth, but again, life is hard to balance!

All in all, this cycle of research did not prove itself to be very difficult, and I actually hope to explore more through geography and poverty, etc with my future research rounds. It can go to far lengths by impacting peoples lives locally and globally, as they realize that countries really can stay poor for a very long time, with no way of getting out of it. We need institutions, justice, support, as donations can only do so much in getting a country out of poverty. Spreading awareness is a big part of making changes that you hope to see around the globe. I believe many of the surprises that came across people while reading my research was climate and location had such a big impact on poverty rates. And while we have no control over nature, we can also lend a helping hand while knowing where to start, and where to solve the problem.

Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble! I surely hope you guys found my research topic interesting. It has been such an awesome year here on Butterfly Effect and I’ve learned so much not only about science and social topics, but about myself, and my own interest, views, and strengths. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback along the way and I can’t wait to get my research started up again!

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