Metamorphosis Cycle 5

How are different sports beneficial/detrimental to certain body types?

This is my last post for this cycle, and I am ending by gathering all of my thoughts and summarizing the entire impact this topic has had on me in this metamorphosis. I hope you all have enjoyed my inquiry!

This research round was more of a factual one based on information and evidence than some of my other cycles that included topics that required more thinking. Because of this, my view has not been changed, but I do have a better understanding of body types, standards, and stereotypes and how they relate to sports. So, whenever I try sports, I now immediately think of my body type and how it is better/worse for the specific sport. When looking at other people, I also go through that analyzation, and determine which sport would be the most beneficial to them based on their body type and the sports body standards.

In the future, when I make decisions to be active or healthy, I will think back to this research and it will impact these choices. This is because I now have the knowledge of the importance of calories when you are doing a sport that requires a lot of energy, so I will be able to make healthy choices regarding which calories are suitable for certain activities. Also, when choosing to do certain sports or exercises, or being asked which sports or exercises other people should do, I should be able to determine which sport would be more suitable for them based on their body and diet. In these ways, this research will impact the decisions I make in the future.

If others both locally and globally were able to read my research, it would have a tremendous impact on their knowledge and could lead them towards making healthier choices for a better lifestyle. For instance, someone who is not really into doing sports can read this article and learn that it's not just running, dance, soccer. There are so many other options and so many opportunities to be active, and they can use their body type to find out which sport is the most adequate for themselves. Also, with my nutrition and physio posts, these topics could help people who have recently suffered injuries since I included the most common ones to learn how to treat it and rehabilitate it, and they can learn to eat a proper diet based on their sport or the exercise that they do. 

Although I had so much fun doing this research round and I found so much information, there were a few obstacles that I had to overcome. The main one being that I had to extrapolate what the body stereotypes were for different sports. Since there isn't just one body that is perfect for a sport, only guidelines, I had to find a lot more resources to make the best educated guess. This way, I could give a wider range of body types that would succeed in the sport if chosen to do professionally. 

That's all for my metamorphosis and that puts and end to my 5th cycle. Thank you to everyone for reading this, I will see you next year with a brand new research inquiry! Happy holidays  


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