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My inquiry cycle has given me a new insight to the workings of literature and its connection to human history. This cycle shows me how we portray ourselves through certain characteristics and how we categorize events in our world. From how societies centuries and miles apart can draw the same conclusion from different events to the patterns that appear in the stories that these societies tell about their admired heros. We as humans tend to go about similar ways to explain things and this shows me that no matter who we are we have something that connects us all together and reminds us that we are not all that different from the person next to us, or the ancestors that came before us.

I feel that, going forward when learning about stories from ancient cultures or stories in general I’ll be more likely to look for patterns or behaviours that mimic ours today. That would help me get a deeper connect and feel more invested in what’s being told to us. These days people tend to forget that history is an extremely valuable tool. They tend to look and think that, “These things happened centuries ago.” and thus is no longer applicable to them. Yet if this cycle has shown anything is that humans work in patterns; sooner or later the same bout of history will repeat itself, it will be up to us to make sure that the era ends on a positive note.

Continuing on this point, I feel that in today’s climate we tend to fall towards instant gratification and easy solutions. One thing we can learn from these stories is that they are lengthy and not easy to summarize in one fowl swoop. If you try to summarize it in that manner you will end up missing key details. In order for us to solve our problems we must be willing to take the lengthy solutions, the ones that take careful consideration and planning, if these routes aren’t taken then the only peace that will be made is an uneasy one; one that breaks at a moment’s notice.  

 A huge challenge I keep coming up against is time management. I will however say that this time, it is due to mainly outside sources. It is incredibly hard to work with such a tight, unmoving schedule while keeping up with other classes as well so that was my main qualm. In the future, however, I don’t see intense schedules as being a huge cause for concern, thus if I continue this cycle into the next school year it will be much more orderly and timely.

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Hey Sophie! 

It's so interesting to hear about how humans function based on patterns, and how across nations and cultures and even across time, these same patterns can be identified. I can also really relate to your challenges over the course of your research cycle; time management has been a huge struggle for me too, especially now that finals are coming up! But regardless, good luck in your future research!

Great work!  

Hi Sophie!

I love how you explained the fact that even societies remote in both distance and time come to the same conclusions, thus proving that all humans are connected in this and other ways - that we are not all that different. I also agree with the fact that people are always looking for and falling into patterns, which creates the quote "history will repeat itself". Anyway, good luck with your future research!

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