Importance of practicing agriculture

Hello everyone,today i am going to take  you through the importance of practicing agriculture.The importance that am going to take you through are:

Source of livelihood

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of people, most of the developed countries  is due to agricultural activities.

contribution national revenue

The main source of national  income for the most of the developing countries is agriculture.For the developed ones agriculture contributes a smaller percentage to their income.

Supply of food

Agricultural sector provides  sector provides food for both human beings and  animals.Moreover livestock also provides food requirement for people.

Significance to the international trade

Agricultural products constitute the major items of export of countries that rely on agriculture.If there is smooth  practice  of agriculture  imports are reduced while exports increases.This helps to reduce countries balance of payments as well as saving foreign exchange. 

Marketable surplus

Many people engage in farming as well as other non agricultural sector as the nations develops.All these people rely on food production  that they might meet from nations marketable surplus.As agricultural sector develops,it leads to expansion  of marketable surplus.

Sources of raw materials

The main source of raw materials for the industries to major industries is agriculture.

Significance in transport

Bulks of agriculture products are transported  by railways   and roadways from farms to factories .

Great employments opportunities

Construction of irrigation schemes,drainage system as well as other activities in agricultural  sector is important as it provides larger employment opportunities.Agriculture provides more employment opportunities to the labor force reducing the high rate of unemployment to developing countries.

Economic development

Since agriculture employs many people it contributes to economic development.Agriculture improves people's standard of living and economic growth as well.

Source of saving

Development of agriculture may increase savings.The rich farmers we see today started saving particularly after green revolution.

Food security

A stable agricultural sector ensures a nation of food security. Food security prevents malnourishment of food products that has been believed to be the major problem by developing countries.

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