Cycle 4 RR#4: “How has the Historical trends of fashion and beauty influenced our modern standard of beauty?”

Hello everyone!! This will be my final post of the year, and I would like to use it as an opportunity to thank you all for your support and comments because it means the world to me ! also I just wanted to make a few points of the main topics I would like you all to take away from this year long(continues next year) cycle of work! So here we go and reminisce the posts I have made throughout the year!

Cycle #1:

RR#2: " Also if you were pale, considered beautiful, and in a high-class you would get good marriage prospects, and at this time of many believing the sole purpose of a woman’s existence was to be married; it’s a big deal." (Research Round #2, Aiesha Trivino.

RR#3: "Corsets were originally made to support women because they were seen as the weaker sex." (Research Round #3, Aiesha Trivino)

RR#6: "Foot binding cut off circulation and because of it any injuries to the foot would not heal. Foot binding also caused many infections and because they could not heal would result to the flesh rotting. And rotting flesh weakened bones and caused them to fall off. Injuries often brought shock causing paralysis." (Research Round #6, Aiesha Trivino)

Cycle #2:

RR#1: "During the Victorian era, a woman was assumed to have tuberculosis, based on her beauty and her ‘attractiveness’. In other words, the more beautiful you were seen to be, the more likely it was for you to have tuberculosis." (Research round #1, Aiesha Trivino)

RR#3: "Beginning in the royal court in the south, foot binding later spread to the rest of imperial china, and by the Qing dynasty, every girl who wanted to get married had their feet bound." (Research Round #3, Aiesha Trivino

RR#4: "Even though foot binding was so painful and it was a terrible practice. Women did this because it increases their chances of marrying a high class man.” (Research Round #4, Aiesha Trivino)

Cycle #3:

RR#2: "Young women were told to eat proper diets in public settings, and the refusal to eat was an act of disrespect. Morally, if a woman were to eat less it would be an accomplishment, however if they were to eat small amounts in front of their family it would be disrespectful. No matter what they did their limited power did not allow them to do very much in their situation." (Research Round #2, Aiesha Trivino)

RR#3 "Within the Victorian era, young girls were encouraged to fast for long periods of time. These girls who were able to do so were labeled as ‘fasting girls’, these young who were able to fast for these long periods were celebrated in society. Though it is not known in what periods they were most prominent in, these young girls at a young age felt the need to fast from the pressures of society." (Victorian Era Eating Disorders, Victorian Era. Org)

RR#4: "Bordo argues that not all women fasted for the sake of their beauty. she says that women who fast for the visual benefits fast for “an external body configuration rather than an internal spiritual state” (Susan Bordo, 1993); it was merely an ideal without moral depth. (1) Bordo also argues that many women fasted for their own spiritual growth based on their beliefs. Her basic belief was that not all fasted for the same reason and to understand the concept of fasting we must understand the context of their decision." (Research Round # 4, Sigal Gooldin, “fasting women” page 3)

RR#6: "(In The Victorina Era) All things done were done accordingly to what socially acceptable and it was rare for anyone to go against this social norm. However, in the rare occasion that one did go against what was considered ‘normal’ were considered to be mentally ill, in other words, insane." (Research Round #6, Aiesha Trivino)

Cycle #4:

"but many of these styles had a few common goals in mind; to accentuate a woman’s natural figure and to give the allusion of slimmer, taller figure.

Today modern fashion often has the aim to do the same thing. The following are examples of how modern fashion aims to accentuate a woman’s natural figure as well as to give the allusion of slimmer, taller figure." (Research Round #1, Aiesha Trivino)


WELL! That concludes my final post of this year! i thank you all for being part of this journey with me and i hope to see you all again in the future! 

For the last time this year, Thank you all and Good Luck!





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Hi Aiesha,

Nice job on all your research this year! I am glad that you decided to utilise your final post to thank everyone and to give a quick recap of everything that you have researched this year. I also find it interesting that you have decided to pursue this research for another year. Out of curiosity, what exactly are you planning on focusing on next year?

Anyways, great research this year and good luck next year!

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