Cycle 4 RR#3: “How has the Historical trends of fashion and beauty influenced our modern standard of beauty?”

RR #3: Hello everyone, for today's post I will be focusing on the comparison between Qing Dynasty fashion (1644-1912) and our modern day fashion.

As the Manchu Qing dynasty (Manchu was once an ethnic minority) to rise, it caused a widespread change to society. One of the major aspects changed within the process of it all, was the fashion of society. The styles of men and women, rich or poor, changed. Soon the Qipao was new traditional dress worn by women.

The Qipao we know today is very different from the original one that was worn by those of the Qing dynasty. During the Manchu Qing dynasty, qipaos were baggy, wide,and covered every part of a woman's body except her head, hands and toes.

The qipaos we know and see most often today are those that originated in Shanghai in the 1920's. These "modernized" versions are form fitting an hug the curves of the body. And towards the bottom has either a slit or two.(2)

As time went on, society sought To wear the new, modernized style as it's better suited there tastes(1). Eventually the form fitting Qipao became the traditional dress worn by women. To this day, qipaos are worn quite often by women on a dayto day basis, also as a uniform for traditional restaurants.

As you can see from the Victorian era and the Manchu Qing dynasty, there were quite a few similar trends. In the beginning both communities turned towards more "modest" fashions, they avoided highlighting the natural figure and kept towards styles that hide the natural figure. Over time styles changed and women began to wear styles that were mor form fitting and highlighted the natural form.

In society today, our trends do not have a set standard. Lately, trends like the Tshirt dress has become increasingly popular, as well as the body com dress that I mentioned in the first post of this cycle! As you can see, society still remains divided between the two as to which style they prefer. However, it is up to your style and preference!

That concludes this research round, see you all for the final post very soon!!







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