Its long since i was in touch but now am back , my inquiry question is about corruption.For now i  have done my research and found that ,corruption is the cause of problem that we are facing.Moreover,in same instance it have affected each and every person in authority.For example in our Kenyan government,right now there is confusion and also the grabbing of resources that are met to build our country.People in authority put money for themselves and  leaving other to server like in health facilitates  and education system.For instance in education this is brought about by poor training of mentors and also who have not attained the skills of learning.In this case most of the peoples are giving out bribes for them to acquire the needs that they want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      My next topic will on how  we as Kenyan can reduce this problem and also to avoid bribery,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Hey Charles,

Great topic choice on corruption! I think it's quite upsetting that the government is taking funding out of education and putting it towards themselves. Do you think they realize we are the future of the world? If we don't get properly educated the world may not survive under our generation's ruling. Bribery is something that has been around for a long time, but now money can buy you anything. Sadly I read online that an average urban Kenyan has to pay 16 bribes a month to get his regular affairs arranged. What happened to everyone being equal and honest? One thing I do wonder though is corruption a big issue in other countries like Canada or is it just certain countries like Kenya? Maybe comparing Kenya and Canada could help show how we both have corruption and we just don't know it! Anyways great question and here's a link on Kenya and corruption.

Hello charles

Corruption is a tragedy facings most of our continents in the world.It has affected many oparts of our development.its irritating that many leaders are trying to curb this but its even growing would be more better if you try to fight with the causes of corruption first and later look at results and how to overcome them.You can also follow my research and try to add what its not in it.

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