Hi everyone, today i am  going to look at the corellation between a pinhole camera,daguerreotype camera and digital camera.

A digital camera is a camera that store image in digital form .Steven Sasson was the first inventor of the first digital camera in 1975.A daguerreotype camera is a photograph taken in early century photography while pinhole camera is the pinhole with a pinhole  opening and no lens.

Here are some of the differences;

  1. A pinhole camera is a simple devise without any electronic equipment it related to daguerreotype camera while a digital camera  is form of a photography that uses an electronic photo detector to capture image focused by lens.
  2. A pinhole camera works when the sun rays reaches the the object it passes through a pinhole and the image is reflected in the camera. while in daguerreotype camera a silver plate is polished ,treated with fumes to make it sensitive to light. Compared to the digital camera ,digital camera takes light and focuses through the lens and then to the silicon.
  3. In a pinhole camera the exposure time is approximated or computed.In order to find the exposure time ,it is determined using the f-number.While in a daguerreotype camera ,after the plate is polished and treated it is carried to the camera light plate holder within the dark camera the cape is removed from the camera,the exposure began .When it comes to a digital camera it take light and admit the light into the body of camera through the lens .
  4. Pinhole photographs they are not clear but they have some discolor which is the same in a daguerreotype camera,while in digital photography they capture clear images they also
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Hi Nasib!
It's great to see such a well thought out comparison between these photography methods. I remember reading your post on daguerreotype cameras, and I think you covered the important points of that post in your comparison. 
It would be interesting to see you compare the popularity of these cameras. How widespread were they in the height of their popularity? Has the need for a photography device increased or decreased over the years? Those are just ideas though. I'm excited to read your future posts!
Good luck. 

Hi Nasib,

I remember reading your posts about the pinhole camera and the daguerreotype camera previously. I found this comparison very helpful to understand how the camera has evolved over time. It is so interesting how the camera evolved from what seems like a very simple device to the complex digital camera that we have today.

I was wondering if you were thinking about looking into roll-film cameras. If you are, here is a link that may help you

I hope that this helps and good luck with your research!

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