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"What is the best way to reduce the amount of paper Canadians and Kenyas use per day?" - Heeva Chavoshi

Heeva's project is super interesting. I never really knew how much paper we use, and how much we overuse until I read her posts. Heeva has talked about so many things we can do to reduce the amount of paper we use each day. All of us on this site are in school, so we all use a lot of paper everyday. A couple things Heeva talked about how we can do to reduce the amount of paper we use at school are:

1. Use both sides of paper while taking notes, and use up all of paper

2. When printing off work, print double sided, use the smallest fonts and margins possible 

3. Try to use documents electronically, if possible

What Heeva said is very interesting, and I am now going to do all of these things. If possible, I would encourage everyone to do this too! It makes a difference, and is very good for our environment!

I've really liked reading Heeva's posts, and I'm now going to start using less paper when possible. Good luck next year on butterfly effect Heeva!!

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