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Thanks to all those who made a reply to my last post. It is very interesting to find how every response starts over a new topic.. Anyway, we are on a break from school, which of course is part of my project. In my last post, I shared about how a day looks like, how students fair on during the day as well as the program followed in a day. This time, I am going to look at how a day looks like in a boarding school. Different schools have different programs. I am going to look a how my own school operates. My school is known as Thome Boys school. It was established 7 years ago from what was a local technical institution. It was a district school by then, comprising of only 21 boys. Actually my school has boys only. It has form 1-4, that is grade 9-12. Our school ha registered a tremendous growth over years with the population rising to 220 students in 2017. Our school has also maintained a stunning performance over the last years, emerging as the the best in our county, and a top school countrywide. Many students may wonder how such  young school have turned out to be a giant while very young. This is how we operate on week days.

4:00 A.M-    All grade 12 students must be settled in class. The day begins with private studies that goes for half an hour.     At 4:30, the students sit for a speed test that takes 2 hours.

4:30 A.M-  All the other grades wake up for their prep which runs all the way up to 6 in the morning.

6:00 A.M- Breakfast and preparation. Students are expected to take a shower, wear their school uniform, clean their classes and other school facilities and do other chores. This includes cleaning the cows shed and the chickens pen.

7:00 A.M- The day officially begins. Students settle in class and the teacher comes for the remedial lesson. For the grade 12s, they only have half an hour to get prepared although they are not included in the other activities apart from cleaning their classes. However, on Mondays and Fridays, assemblies are held and the flag is raised, national anthem sung and different announcements are made. Its compulsory to attend the Assembly, teachers inclusive.

8:00 -8:10- A break which I think is more or less the same as a recess in Canada.

8:10-4:20- Classes are going on. With three breaks including lunch, there are ten classes each forty minutes apart for the grade 12 who have 5 lessons, each one hour.

Students have 20 minutes to change their uniform and wear their games kit, take a cup of tea, and go to various activities. This includes games, clubs and religious meetings, each day one activity. Grade 12 students remain in class or go to the school farm where they care for their crops which is part of their national examinations.

5:30 in the evening, students take supper, wash their clothes, clean the school, take a shower and perform other duties.

7:00 P.M-8:00 A.M- The students have an evening remedial lesson.

Students remain in class up to 10:00 P.M where students can go to sleep at their own pleasure. However, grade 12 have to remain in class for 30 more minutes. Often, grade 12 students remain in class up to 11:30 or even 12:30 A.M. Someone may wonder how they are going to make it to be awake at 4:00 the following day, but that's actually what happens.

There is a lot to speak about the things done during the day. However, I am going to look into a few things which I saw quite different from what is done in Canada. Rules and regulations and the consequences of breaking them. I will also look how weekends look like.

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Hi Allan,

I like the way you presented your work, the way you wrote it made it very easy to read. And WOW, that seems like a lot of work compared to us! And you sure have to stay up late and wake up extremely early the next day! And here I thought me getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night wasn't enough! It's cool that your school is top in your country, do you know how similar or different other schools in Kenya are compared to yours?

Great work, and good luck!

Hey Allan,

Wow those are busy days, i honestly can imagine what it would be like to wake up at around 4 every morning, i like my sleep way too much.  My question for you is that it has been proven that students who get more sleep, on average do better in school, then those who do not.  So what do you think would happen if all the students in your school, got an average of 8 hours of sleep?  Do you think they would do better or worse, and why?

Hey Allan,

very interesting topic you have, according to my thinking, sometimes is good to take a deep sleep  but not at all times, although i prefer sleeping late than waking early because when you wake early you might fall asleep but at the evening you will read continuesly , anyway nice topic and looking forward on your next research

Hi Allan its true what you have said about boarding schools actually they may appear tiring because of all the work but if you look at it positively they really help us a lot,for instant look at a girl they are taught on how to be women of substance in the future and the guys they are taught on how to support themselves 

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