Story Instructions

Step One:

Free Write and Brainstorm. Sit with a blank page and a timer. Set your timer to 5 minutes. For 5 minutes fill this blank page with your idea. Don’t lift your pen off the paper. Just keep writing. Don’t post this, it is for you.

Step Two:

Put your story into a plot point outline. Post your story outline for all of us to comment and help you!

Who is your story about? Where are you? Who is your main character? What do we need to know about them before the story begins?

Point of Attack:
What is the problem or the conflict that our main character faces? Only have one problem. The whole story as it rises should link towards this problem. What is the overall goal (super objective) of the main character?

Rising Action:
Rising Action are the obstacles that stand in the way of the lead character to reach their goals. There should be two obstacles the main character goes through before reaching the climax. These obstacles intensify the key problem but do not introduce a new one!

  1. Rising Action One
  2. Rising Action Two

This is where the third obstacle is introduced and the main character fights for their main goal. The outcome of this final challenge determines whether the main character achieves or does not achieve their overall goal.

Falling Action
The new reality. How has life changed now that the main character has won or lost the battle? (In most stories the lead character does succeed, however this doesn’t always have to be the case).

Tie up all lose ends within the new reality and end the story hinting at the future to come.


How do you wish to represent your story? You can choose:

  1. Short Story written form
  2. Create a script format (Drama Play)
  3. Create a film

If creating a FILM Click HERE

If creating a drama script click HERE

If creating a short story click HERE