Natalya Patz (Charles Best)

Chapter One, Standing Stones

“ Draw back to the corner of your mouth gently, and make sure the string touches your nose,” I instructed. “because if it doesn't—” “ It will hit my nose when I release,” my younger sister Andrea cut me off. “Logan, you tell me that every time. Can I shoot now?” I sighed and stepped back, nodding. Andrea released the arrow and it landed in the center of the knothole in the big oak tree we were using as a target. I whistled sharply. “ Bullseye,” I said. “Well done.” After retrieving her arrow...Read More...
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Chapter Two, Arthur

I stood up and looked around. Where was I? Where was Andrea? “ Andrea?” I called out. I began to walk around, the only sound was gravel crunching beneath my foot. “Andy?” “ Logan?” I spun around to find Andrea, leaning against a old fashioned cottage as if nothing was wrong. “How many times have I told you to stop calling me that?” My eyes began to sting with tears of relief as I ran towards her, swooping her up into a bear hug. “You're okay,” I whispered. “ Um... yeah. Are you?” Andrea...Read More...
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Arthur's Heir

Outline of Arthur's Heir Chapter 1: Logan and his little sister Andrea are out in the woods in England, practising archery. They come across a circle of standing stones and when Andrea enters the circle, she disappears. Immediately, Logan follows after her and ends up in the Medieval Ages. Chapter 2: Unaware of where they are, they find a boy named Arthur who provides them with Medieval clothes and a place to store their modern ones. Soon after, they find the Sword in the Stone. Chapter 3:...Read More...
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