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AI Part 4: AI and Self-Driving Cars

Nowadays, Self-Driving Cars has been a very hot topic after Google, Uber and Tesla revealed their plan of achieving Driver-less Cars. In order for the machines to learn driving, the developers added Artificial Intelligence into the self-driving program. How is Artificial Intelligence learning how to drive and improve on it? First of all, Deep Learning is used. Sequences are inputted, processed, learned and divided into 4 options: Left, Right, Accelerate and decelerate (brake). Important...Read More...
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AI Part 3: AI and Video Games

Artificial Intelligence (in this case, bots) played an important role in video games ever since the start of gaming history. The game, "Pong", one of the earliest arcade video games, featured an AI controlling the paddle on the opponent's side. Pac-man, another example of early video games, also had AI controlled enemy (Ghosts). So what exactly does AI do to video games? AI controlled bots, mobs and NPCs can make a difference between a well designed game and poorly designed one. Rather than...Read More...
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AI Part 2: Future of AI

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is a computer program that is able to show intelligence and increase it's intelligence by learning. This time I'm going to talk about the future of AI and how it will impact our daily life. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a fascinating concept of science fiction for decades, but many researchers think we’re finally getting close to making AI a reality. NPR notes that in the last few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in “machine learning,” using...Read More...
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Will A.I. Take Over?

Will A.I. take over Human race? A.I. , which stands for artificial intelligence, is a computer program that is able to show intelligence and increase it's intelligence by learning. There is a 50 percent chance that AI be able to perform all human tasks better than humans in 45 years, and all human jobs are expected to be automated within the next 120 years, according to a survey of 352 AI researchers who published at either the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems or the...Read More...
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