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Hello everyone,,,it is long since I posted but this is what i got as I had promised. It is difficult to answer depends on the definition of poverty that is adopted and the quantitative indicators that are used.some measures can have the result of supporting people and population living in precariousness and leaving inside those in extreame poverty ,making their life even more difficult . An example for clarification ;A country's ''GDP per capital ''indicator is used to compare poverty in one...Read More...
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hey everyone!my inquiry question is that i wonder if there is positive side of poverty but fast;what is poverty?it is the conditions where peoples basic needs for food,clothing and shelter are not being met.poverty is generally of two types 1.absolute poverty-is synonymous with destitution and occurs when people cannot obtain adequate resources(measured in terms of calories or nutrition)to support a minimum level of physical health.absolute poverty means about the same everywhere and can be...Read More...
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what are major causes of poverty?

hey everyone,i was away for sometimes and this is what i was researching about;what are major causes of poverty?can we deal with these causes of poverty?1;lack of education-education offers you an opportunity to get a job,set up a business,manufacture ,plan and make appropriate budgets for meaningful spending and development(2)poor environment -you are unconsciously frozen in your poor prison.nothing motivates or challenges you to make progress in such a place (3)lack of supervision,and poor...Read More...
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