Hive Mind Update 11


The Hive's Core



Factory Test shot



An meter stick and utility knife and lots of small strips of cardboard and cut up straws yo




Whoa a like collage of current sets




Poster design concepts



Unfinished Poster idea (came out too dirty and Idk if I wanna redo it or something the apathy is strong here)




Day vs night

Jacob mentioned all the wires would be very difficult for chromakeying things so I think I'm just going to paint some massive backgrounds instead wish me luck or something yeah




Look it is a rack of dead bodies isn't that cool




This is the death hall, which I wanna make really blue and cold looking when it's shot with like frost n stuff because fog is cool and I want that alright


Oh look more rough sketches




Protip, crayons are really good candles




The ship of the 'first people' that arrived on this planet




Poster concept thumbnails (i'll ink things later to make them look cooler I suppose)


More body rack ideas



I'm very enthusiastic to say that the project is coming along very well. There are over ten people involved now. I haven't worked with this many people before and it's definitely difficult establishing professionalism and control with friends and setting boundaries etc. Ms. Knittel talked to me about the difference between letting people shine and losing control of the project, and I've definitely taken a step to think about , what my 'vision' for everything is, and the aesthetic that I want for this film. I am going to set deadlines for things I want to have a really set picture of what I need.


Here's another amazon order that will be placed shortly, it rounds up to around $600-650 Depending on how many copies the school wants to buy will determine the price


Give or take around another 600 for paint, mould making, etc we should be mostly set for completion.


Screen shot 2016-04-17 at 8.49.32 AM


Screen shot 2016-04-17 at 8.41.16 AM


It's very cool to have people with all sorts of different assets working together on this project. This most recent order contains the materials needed for creating practicals (light sources that are used inside the set as well) such as buildings that light up, or little bits of the factory. It also contains motors and a Raspberry Pi which is a small computer.


From Wikipedia:

The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card–sized single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intent to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries.[6][7][8] The original Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 are manufactured in several board configurations through licensed manufacturing agreements with Newark element14 (Premier Farnell), RS Components and Egoman.[9] The hardware is the same across all manufacturers.

Several generations of Raspberry Pi's have been released. The first generation (Pi 1) was released in February 2012 in basic model A and a higher specification model B. A+ and B+ models were released a year later. Raspberry Pi 2 model B was released in February 2015 and Raspberry Pi 3 model B in February 2016. These boards are priced between US$20 and US$35. A cut down compute model was released in April 2014 and a Pi Zero with smaller footprint and limited IO(GPIO) capabilities released in November 2015 for US$5.

All models feature a Broadcom system on a chip (SOC) which include an ARM compatible CPU and an on chip graphics processing unit GPU (a VideoCore IV). CPU speed range from 700 MHz to 1.2 GHz for the Pi 3 and on board memory range from 256 MB to 1 GB RAM. Secure Digital SD cards are used to store the operating system and program memory in either the SDHC or MicroSDHC sizes. Most boards have between one and four USB slots,HDMI and composite video output, and a 3.5 mm phono jack for audio. Lower level output is provided by a number of GPIO pins which support common protocols like I2C. Some models have an RJ45 Ethernet port and the Pi 3 has on board WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth.

The Foundation provides Debian and Arch Linux ARM distributions for download,[10] and promotes Python as the main programming language, with support for BBC BASIC[11] (via the RISC OS image or the Brandy Basic clone for Linux),[12] C, C++, Java,[13] Perl, Ruby,[14]Squeak Smalltalk and more also available.

In February 2016, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that they had sold eight million devices, making it the best selling UK personal computer, ahead of the Amstrad PCW.[15][16]


We will be using it to control motors on the set for fans etc. It will be very cool to have actual moving parts of the set which will probably/definitely speed up the filming process.

Another rather pricey item on the list is a styrofoam cutter. Originally I was not going to purchase this but James might be able to use it for his plastic's project and if we both need to use one why not kill two birds with one stone

This is the list of things to build from update nine give or take some edits



small scale version

Dormitory (ext large)

Dormitory (Interior large) COMPLETE

Green screen room for 107's dreams

city (painted backdrops)x3


Factory (small) COMPLETE (needs lighting)

Factory 2nd floor

Factory -large version of one generator machine

Parking lot (small)

Parking lot (larger version for large cars)



Factory (lotus room)

-nursery (small)

-nursery (large scale for close ups)

-death room (small)

-death room (large scale for close ups)

-computer room

hive painted backdrops (x4)




Ruins of the first ship (small)

Ruins of the first ship (large)

landscape painted backdrops (x5)



6-9 large scale characters

30+ small cast models



6-9 larger transportation vehicles

20-30 miniatures (hotwheel sized)


Since some of the shipping dates are May 11-30th for arrival, for the Amazon order that gives us only two weeks to none to build all the circuitry and program everything if all the items are purchased from Amazon since the two team members that are helping with engineering things etc will be going away, so I think what may happen is that I will look into places where I can get things in person if that is possible. If it isn't, I can look into getting a mentor that can help me accomplish what I need for the sake of this project.

By next week this time I want at least 4 out of the current in-progress sets to be complete. We must finish absolutely everything for the sets (not including lighting) by the 7th of May to give time for lighting. 

If I start filming on June first and end when school starts that gives me around 90 days to film. If I can film for 6 hours every single day thats an estimate of 12 seconds per day. 12 * 90= 1080 seconds which is 18 minutes of footage. And that's if I film in 24fps, if I film in a lower frame rate, I could probably get even more time into this. But I don't really want to sacrifice smoothness/quality so I'm not going to do that unless it has to come to it. I did not plan an 18 minute film, I planned a 6 minute film, but I need to leave myself as much time in between in case of scheduling etc because realistically I will not be able to film every single day for 6-8 hours (as much as I'd like to life happens sometimes) I want to leave September- December for post production, because that will be very time consuming and school will have started by then.

So I'm going to shoot for June seventh to give myself a month to create all the resin-cast models and characters. Realistically, mid-June is probably when the actual filming will commence. 

In May more people from school will be free so I'm hoping to have like 1-3 almost every day working on the set for at least 3 hours with me. I've been referencing a lot of classic sci-fi such as Blade Runner, The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell etc to help establish the 'aesthetic' of this entire film. I realized that certain elements are a bit to steampunk for the setting that I'm creating so there's a bunch of sheets of plexiglass in that amazon order to create a 'slicker' feel. I have some really cool concept designs for the buildings that I will be including in the next post.

I've created an instagram for Hive Mind it's @hivemind107 for those that are interested in following the project on social media. Some rather highish profile stop motion animators have noticed the work and it's kind of baffling to see what modern social media can do and I'm so excited to see where this project will lead me and everyone involved. 


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I really like your project about hive mind, and I wish you a good luck when approaching people and asking them more about what you think it is necessary to make us think widely.I got interested in this research in they way you explained it and more so even adding pictures  to it.To my understanding I think hive mind   is the way  how people think to make something that is good and useful to other people like the one on the pictures above.