Action Instructions

Step One Action Post: Values Activity & Aligning this with Global Millennium Goals

1.) Complete the Values Activity. Click here
2a) What are your 3 most important values?
b) What are your 3 least important values?
3.) Do you agree with the results? What do these values mean to you?

4.) Research United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
a) Which one aligns with your values most?
b) Which one is your passion Why? (This may or may be the same as (a))
c) Give one specific action you would like to apply to address this goal. If you are not sure of an action yet, list 2-3 possible actions you might like to start.

Once you post you will get interest from other Butterfly Effects members who may comment or wish to be part of your action plan. It would be great to link with someone from another school, or across the world, in your action plan to make a change.





Step Two Action Post:

Do some research on your possible action areas (or your specific action you have already chosen) that you listed in your Action Post #1.

Watch the following TEDX talk:

In your post, address the following:
1.) Provide a summary of the action you are planning and how are you going to start.
2.) One lesson in the talk is that ‘Everything is complicated’. Can you explain some of the complexity that you will face in your action?
3.) Is this action sustainable? Provide some specific examples to support your reasoning.
4.) Is this action providing opportunity? How will you ensure you are making the positive impact that you intend?

Try to find an expert to be part of your action. Who knows a lot about the area you are studying? Who could help you on your journey to make a difference? Introduce yourself and include the following information:

  • Name of Expert ( Make sure your expert is comfortable with you posting their name on our website)
  • What areas does your expert specialize in? What is their education background? What experience do they have in this area?
  • What advice have they given to you on accomplishing your project?

If you are having trouble finding an expert, please see your teacher for some support.

Step Three Action Post: (and ongoing) – reflection (Charles Best)

1.) Where are you with your action? (e.g. what involvement have you had so far? Describe with examples)
2.) What are some successes that you have had? Provide specific examples.
3.) What are some challenges that you have faced? Have you been able to overcome them? If so, how? Provide specific examples. If not, can you problem-solve some ideas that might work for next time or if a similar situation arises? Again, provide specific examples.
4.) What are you doing next and why?

Step Four Action Posts:

As you accomplish each step of your plan do a short post explaining what you accomplished, what you found, and how it will lead towards your next step.  Be sure to list all of your resources. Click HERE for our onsite learning resources.

Step Five Action Post:

Your final post of your Action Plan should have the following:

  1. Description of process
  2. Expert consulted
  3. Research Phase – what you found as you went along.
  4. How did the action applied cause change?
  5. Show Findings
  6. List Resources