Action Post #4 (Patch Action Progress)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well! I am super ecstatic to announce new updates and progress for you all!

In this update post, I want to explain three new and exciting things! My three largest updates from my last post are: fundraising $1,000 for a Canadian Charity (Create Change) and receiving my Marketing & Fundraising Certification, using my Branding Kit, I pre-made 30 Instagram posts, and lastly, I am launching my official web app for Patch!

For each of my exciting updates, I have divvied them up individually below 🙂 

  1. I’ve fundraised $1,000 for a Vancouver-based Charity named Create Change ( I have discussed Create Change in my last post, on how I joined their informative Social Change Program, but from my last ‘brainstorming’ status update, I have taken the brainstormed actions. In order to fundraise the $1,000, I was first able to develop a brand kit and specify my niche for educational disparities. The Executive-Director of Create Change works very closely with all us student community members, and she calls us “Leaders” of our own community Chapters. Create Change, as I’d mentioned in my last post, allows students across the globe to host their own “Community” and I thought to fuse my Action project with my community project for Create Change and PA-MOJA!

  2. Secondly, I have rebranded and changed my name! I was using the name “Gender Despair” to now “Patch.” There were two reasons for this: a more approachable “brand” to receive future funding if needed, and an overall familiar presence that comes with the definition of “patch,” where I often think about solving issues/troubles in people’s lives, and a Patch is there to be of comfort. I thought Patch was a short and unique name for my niche, which I have refined from before; “Patch is a web app that aims to educate based on disparities in the world. ✏️”Using my Brand Kit made for Create Change, I developed a pitch deck, and I plan to use the same aesthetic throughout my new social media postings. Here are my current templates and I pre-made over 30 posts that are scheduled to post throughout the upcoming month.

  3. And lastly, what I am most happy to present with you, is the web app I curated for Patch! I made it on Webflow – a web designer that is typically used for product managers and developers. I enjoy it because of its multitude of features, not necessarily its simplicity. Patch will have anything from organizations that directly assist in education disparities, facts and figures, as well as news on political campaigns or agreements regarding education. Inspired by HeretoHelpBC’s Resource Library, I will be categorizing my resources by “Organizations” “Facts” and “Audiences” (for ways to help, specific to who you are; student, teacher, parent, etc.). In the About page, I spoke about my rebranding strategy and clarified my mission statement for future audiences as well. Here is the landing page I designed currently:


As mentioned above, here are the social media postings you can preview here. They come with anything from facts, resources to help, and more!

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3 Replies to “Action Post #4 (Patch Action Progress)”

  1. Galicia,
    this is such exciting news!!! Great job on fundraising $1,000 for a Vancouver-based Charity. Such interesting news to hear that you have changed the name to patch! I am excited for your future updates on how patch is going! Once again, great job! This is really exciting news, Galicia!

  2. Hey Galicia, fantastic post! You are truly one of the most exemplary individuals in Social Responsibility; I cannot even imagine doing in multiple years what you have done in under a year. It is inspiring to see that you have already fundraised $1,000 for your important cause and your website is really coming along. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Galicia,
    I am so impressed! It’s amazing that you fundraised that much, and great job on your site. I feel you will be very successful with this if you continue in the same manner!
    Best of luck,
    ~Nikki S.

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