Action Step #2 — Global Gender Education (Gender Despair)

Galicia Gordon

Social Responsibility 12

Action Step #2 — Global Gender Education (Gender Despair)

Do some research on your possible action areas (or your specific action you have already chosen) that you listed in your Action Post #1.

Watch the following TEDX talk:

In your post, address the following:

  • Provide a summary of the action you are planning and how are you going to start.

I will be creating an initiative that is supported by social media page named Gender Despair. I named it as so because I thought it was a good depiction of what I stand for within the initiative. It combines the word ‘gender’ with the word ‘disparities’ disguised as despair, to accentuate the challenges found between gender barriers. 

Here is my mission statement: Gender Despair is a student-led initiative with the goal of increasing awareness within the education sector. Gender Despair’s mission is to expand global gender education for improved economic outcomes for all, ensuring that conditions are ripe for innovation and freedom. 

How I am going to start:
Begin posting statistics and facts about gender discrepancies within the workforce and our educational systems through Instagram to engage students across Canada, and with digital mediums, reaching students on the global scale. I will ensure these gathered facts and figures are from reputable sources, such as the United Nations, country-wide and work-specific figures, and such rates (such as drop-out, admissions, or recurrence) of either gender being at an advantage, or times they may be at a disadvantage. After I have gained traction to my social media page, I will create a small website and connect it to the social media page with ways students can get-o-know which ways they can take action to combat gender discrepancies in education and within the workforce. Gender Despair will then be seen as a one-stop-shop for gender discrepancies and taking current-day action to have a more improved economic outcome for all, ensuring that conditions are ripe for innovation and freedom.

  • One lesson in the talk is that ‘Everything is complicated’. Can you explain some of the complexity that you will face in your action?

I agree with the lesson “everything is complicated,” and with Gender Despair, I think the only complexity I am concerned about is ensuring statistics are current and I remain unbiased with my listed stats and figures. I will avoid this as best as possible by linking updated sources no later than 5 years ago on any given fact or figure, as well as state the information as it is, with providing supportive advice, rather than opinionated advice on the given statistic. Additionally, I recognize how adding “Source: __________” and “Date: _______” when I am posting every one of these statistics is very important to my viewers to be informed.

  • Is this action sustainable? Provide some specific examples to support your reasoning.

My action is sustainable, and even best sustainable due to this digital day-and-age through the challenges of the pandemic. Nowadays, my target audience (of student viewers) to Gender Despair, are at home and seeking information on how they can become more informed and educated individuals. Through the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have truly shown how much they depend on the internet and informational pages to obtain on-the-go learning and develop a better sense of world-knowledge. Our news sources have also been adapted to youth and students to condense information to those who would like to easily become more alert. Such an example being The Cramm, a news source I would recommend to current readers, which delivers the daily news scoop to Gen Z so we can change the world!

  • Is this action providing opportunity? How will you ensure you are making the positive impact that you intend?

Yes, this action is providing an opportunity for students themselves, who are entering post-secondary institutions and aspire to work in certain workforces, to become more aware of their personal opportunities. I believe Gender Despair, as a one-stop-shop for the scoop on gender discrepancies, can allow a more student-led change to different petitions being signed, and different information being shared on the for students, by students basis. I believe Gender Despair will be a wonderfully supportive platform for students, educators, and even parents who would like to be more informed individuals!

Try to find an expert to be part of your action. Who knows a lot about the area you are studying? Who could help you on your journey to make a difference? Introduce yourself and include the following information:

  • Name of Expert ( Make sure your expert is comfortable with you posting their name on our website)
    Mrs. Rachel John 
  • What areas does your expert specialize in? What is their educational background? What experience do they have in this area?
    Mrs. John has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry and Biology, a Bachelor of Education, and Masters of Counselling Psychology with a major in family and adolescence. She has been a teacher and counselor for the past 25 years. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge of students’ educational abilities and which programs exist for students. 
  • What advice have they given to you on accomplishing your project?
  • Discrepancies are present everywhere – there are so many specifics I can get into when it comes to my Action project
  • Recently, there has been a push for women in pursuing education. Look into programs for advancements for women
  • Research is important when it comes to such areas (education, students, and their abilities to succeed)
  • Consider family backgrounds as a research area (culture dictates gender roles)


What would you like to see research on for the Gender Despair social page?

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  1. Hello Galicia!
    Firstly, I like the mission statement! This is a great action plan you have constructed for yourself and I think it is wonderful that you are doing this through Instagram where many individuals will be able to see your account and progress!
    I have a question! You mentioned starting out by providing statistics. What are these statistics supposed to show/tell us exactly?
    I am looking forward to your future posts!
    Best of luck!

  2. Hii Galicia!
    It’s an amazing Action you chose. How do you plan on reaching out to others in order to get your statistics?

    Can’t wait to follow up with you future posts,
    -Lokshana 🙂

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