“In which ways does gender affect students’ educational abilities?” Inquiry Project Plan (Inquiry Post #2) — Galicia G

In which ways does gender affect students’ educational abilities?

Hi everyone! For my inquiry project, my plan is to divvy up my three sections to the female student’s abilities, male student’s abilities, to then tally up which findings were most shocking or pertinent in global education. As my inquiry question discusses two sides, I thought it would be interesting to have a focus for both sides in my round of research, and finally concluding the findings of my topic. 

Section 1: The abilities of female students in education

This first section dives right into the abilities young girls have (and some, continue to have) difficulties with. Some female students are limited in what they can access, solely because of their identifying gender, whereas others are ridiculed for their efforts. This is a good starting section to bring awareness to both barriers in education, and even certain gender-specific privileges for females. This is a supportive first topic for my research in order to first state some surprising figures and obstacles needed to overcome, as a woman or young girl in school.

Section 2: The abilities of male students in education

My second round of research will flip into the male student’s abilities, including barriers because of their gender. The brief research I had done may come as a surprise to some, in terms of undiscussed advantages and disadvantages. Throughout this exploratory section, I would also like to examine certain stereotypes in education. Often, when it comes to post-secondary education, men feel underprivileged or dominant in their areas, depending on a multitude of factors. I have chosen this as my second section to explore how the male gender plays a role in education.

Section 3: Compare and Contrast: Who has it better? Are there certain abilities we are unaware that we can access?

This round of research is additionally supportive to both my readers and young men/women in recognizing the privileges which come with their education. The gift of learning is often overlooked and seen as solely a stage in life. I would like to conclude my inquiry project with shining light on how both genders’ abilities can be (or are) a wonderful stepping stone into their futures.

5 Supportive Resources:


  1. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/suny-educationalpsychology/chapter/gender-differences-in-the-classroom/ = Explores more in-school scenarios for both genders
  2. https://data.unicef.org/topic/gender/gender-disparities-in-education/ = Gender-specific data and figures to support my research
  3. https://en.unesco.org/themes/education-and-gender-equality = Provides me with credible white-papers and UNESCO’s future educational plans across the globe
  4. http://ftp.iza.org/dp6390.pdf = Research article “Gender Differences in Education,” from the Aalto University of Economics. This 2012 paper is surprising as it is still relevant in our day-and-age!
  5. https://www.pnas.org/content/117/25/14073 = A supportive article from the PNAS which covers in-depth analytics on how gender plays a role in post-secondary education


Let me know if you have any words or supportive tips!



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