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Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone is doing well, whichever time zone you are in – I know we’re all around the globe! For my Inquiry project, I have chosen the following exploratory question:

In which ways does gender affect students’ educational abilities?

The concept for comparing genders’ effect on education had recently come about from learning the gender discrepancies in work, for undeveloped countries through my Globales Perspectives course. For some, it may come as a surprise that your identifying factors, such as gender, ethnicity, beliefs, can affect your accessibility and ability to certain opportunities. I believe this was a good subject for further research in order to pinpoint how education, a valuable element in the world, can have its own uncovered challenges.

In terms of action-taking, this subject was of interest because when I see an issue, I do not only like to observe what is at the surface. I prefer to take the time to analyze, find perspective, and draw equal and equitable solutions for all. It would be a privilege to receive an education where I know what I, as a student in Canada, can do to have an impact on current global situations. I love seeing student and youth development, taking into account a variety of barriers overcome. As I have been involved in such student-focused initiatives over the course of data-based research and interactions with Canadian students, it is my ultimate goal to see students and youth feel inspired and want to possess an exceptional feeling inside for not only doing what they believe is best for others but their own personal growth; leading them onto the path of strong leaders themselves.

Let me know your thoughts on learning, and why you think it is an important element in our lives! I’d love to hear it 🙂

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